An overview of DigitalBar scoring

How we scored Insurers' digital capabilities in 2021

Digital capabilities for insurers are constantly evolving. Consumers, distributors, claims suppliers and insurers alike are embracing new technologies as insurance moves from an analogue to a digital world. Over the past 6 years Altus has assessed over 4000 digital user journeys and published annual insurer rankings.

Technology is changing rapidly and consequently consumer expectations are shifting.  The DigitalBar 2021 scores reflect the latest window into the world of Insurance Technology, and are weighted to reflect this evolution. 

The DigitalBar rankings will not be static - it is expected that Insurers will move up and down the rankings depending on how they have implemented and embraced technology innovations, and consequently, an insurer at the top of the rankings whose journey hasn't changed, may be leapfrogged by other insurers who have developed new capabilities. The league table will expand as new brands enter the rankings and more journeys are published.

With Insurers implementing new technologies, and new entrants hitting the market, our scoring methodology has evolved from previous years.  From 2021 onwards, it won’t just be about whether Insurers offer digital Quote & Buy or online MTAs, our scoring has expanded to cover the implementation of innovations in Insurance technology. 

In this short article, I would like to provide an overview of the DigitalBar scoring mechanisms that were used during the 2021 review for the scores that you see on all products across the DigitalBar today.

Overall Score

Our overall DigitalBar score is broken down by 4 key areas of the Insurance Customer value chain:

    • Quote – can I get a quote and buy a policy online through a direct channel
    • Policy Servicing – can I manage my policy online, view documents, renew, make changes
    • Claims – can I claim online, track and manage my claim, use of new technology to prevent or support putting right
    • Customer Engagement – can I contact my insurer through a digital channel

Additionally, as the DigitalBar has expanded we have included reference to Product-Specific digital elements, including connected technology, multiple products and more – all showcasing an Insurer’s digital flexibility for a customer. 

Within each of these areas, the scoring is broken down into different sub-sections, rolling up to an overall score out of 25 for each of the 4 areas above, and summed up to 100 overall.

For 2021, our emphasis is on the use of digital technology to enhance customers’ experience, with a particular focus on the emerging trends around the use of data and connected technology.  Our scoring and ranking tables reflect this, enabling you to easily see the digital landscape of Personal Lines Insurance in the UK market. 

As digital maturity evolves, in 2021 we have raised the bar for Insurers to meet to keep up with customer expectations. I hope you find our DigitalBar content insightful, and please get in touch with any questions or comments. Mark McDonald Head of Insurtech Strategy, Altus